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Memories are precious.  Let us help you keep your loved ones close, with our beautiful range of handmade sterling silver hand, foot, fingerprint and pawprint charms.  We can even miniaturise a child’s simple drawing.

An ideal gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Christenings, birth of a Baby, Fathers/Mothers Day, etc. or just a personal memento.

It's Frankie's Birthday on Friday.  So I said I'd make her a nice necklace to wear on her birthday, seen as she's "getting big".  But first she'd have to draw me a picture of something she loves. She said, "I'm gonna draw Toby 'coz I love him and miss him" (he sadly died last year).  So this is what we both came up with. 😆 Hope she likes it.  Stacey  😁😍  x

Memories are precious, especially at a time of loss.  Let us help you keep them close to your heart with our beautiful range of handmade sterling silver hand, foot and fingerprint charms in memory of your loved one. 

Preserving the memory of your loved one in sterling silver is a most cherished way to remember them, also a thoughtful gift for a grieving family member or friend. 


Choose from a range of jewellery and other silver items and keep precious moments in time forever. 


At a small additional cost, you can also add a sterling silver chain or bracelet. (See price list).


Please feel free to call me on 01302 750761 or 07714 466999 to discuss your requirements.


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